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Oktoberfest Calella 2024

The tradition in Calella continues!

The city of Calella announces the 35th edition of Oktoberfest 2024 and for us at Viajes Tauro it is a pleasure to organize this traditional and classic event together with the City Council.

35th edition in Calella

We are celebrating a new edition of Oktoberfest in Calella, on the beautiful Costa de Barcelona.

This fantastic destination, known for its long tradition in this event organization, invites us to enjoy the culture as well as the city of Calella. This of course signed with the most beautiful Musical International sounds.

Come to experience authentic festivities with exceptional beers, lively music and traditional culinary delights in an unparalleled setting.

Leuchtturm von Calella
Bier und Brezeln Oktoberfest Calella
Bier Oktoberfest Calella
Come and enjoy the Oktoberfest!

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Why Calella?

Calella, Costa de Barcelona

Discover why Calella is the perfect place to celebrate Oktoberfest 2024, a unique blend of culture, atmosphere and tradition.

Sun and fun on the Mediterranean

Soak up the sun and endless fun in the lively Mediterranean ambience of Calella.

Family, leisure and culture

Enjoy cultural and leisure activities with the whole family in a festive and welcoming atmosphere.

Green spaces, sports and nature

Explore Calella's vast green spaces, perfect for sports and enjoying nature.

Top-class hospital and medical centers

Receive first-class medical care in world-class hospitals and medical centers in Calella.

Logo Oktoberfest Calella

Good gastronomy

Enjoy the exquisite local cuisine, a delicious mix of tradition and flavor in Calella.

Large shopping centre

Discover the wide range of shops in the large centre of Calella, ideal for a day of shopping.

Hotels and accommodation

Calella has a large and generous accommodation capacity

Charming corners and Mediterranean smiles

Experience the warmth and friendliness of the citizens, who make every visit a welcoming experience.

You will enjoy this experience